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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Internal Rules and Regulations





1.1.      The Internal Rules and Regulations are designated to arrange the relations between SPARK SPORT CENTRE and the visitors (the clients) during provision of the services by SPARK SPORT CENTRE.


1.2.      Working hours of SPARK SPORT CENTRE: from 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., Monday to Friday, and from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


1.3.      Each service is to be paid in advance at the reception desk and cardholders have to check-in at the reception as to be given access. No charges and fees paid for the services of SPARK SPORT CENTRE can be refunded.


1.4.   Each visitor shall:


•           observe the Internal rules and regulations;


•          demonstrate respect to the quite enjoyment of the rest visitors and comply to the instructions of the

Sport centre employees;


•           keep the property of the Sport centre;


•           take care of his/her personal belongings.


1.5.      Sport centre undertakes:


•           to notify duly any change of the Internal rules and regulations;


•          to notify duly the visitors about any change in the time-schedule of the individual sports;


•           to control observation of the Internal rules and regulations by all visitors;


•           to maintain the Sport centre equipment in perfect condition.


1.6.      In  view  to  promotion  of  the  quality  of  the  services,  performance  of  preventive  maintenance, elimination of faults and other related services, the Sport centre is entitled to suspend or terminate the access to individual services or premises.






2.1.      At each visit visitors of the Sport centre shall cheek-in at the reception desk.


2.2.      Visitors have to ensure their own clean sport shoes and clothes for the trainings and for the swimming pool - clean flip-flops or sandals. Otherwise, clients will not be allowed to use of the Spark Sport centre facilities.


2.3.      Instructors are authorized to terminate practicing of each visitor who has entered the facilities with dirty, muddy and unclean sport shoes or if his/ her activities could make dirty or damage the Spark property.


2.4.      No access is allowed to persons who will not use the Spark sport facilities and relax zones.


2.5.     No access is allowed to external instructors in the complex without the prior agreement of the management of "SPARK" .


2.6.      Visitors who are willing to see the sport and rehabilitation facilities of Spark have to put disposable

PE shoe covers when they enter Spark territory. Otherwise, they will be refused access.


2.7.      Smoking is strictly forbidden on all premises of the centre. Consumption of foods and beverages (except for the bottled energy drinks and water sold at the reception) are not allowed on the Spark premises.


2.8.      Client who violates the Internal rules and regulations, the hygiene requirements, or fails to protect the assets of Spark, or disturbs the training process of the remaining clients, will be asked to leave the centre.


2.9.     In services / subscriptions / with time zone till 4 pm during the week is  including  use of the facilities at latest by 4 pm 

After 4 pm Service / subscription / is not active.


2.10.      Lockers are ensured to the Sport centre visitors solely for the period of their visit. Damages caused to a locker – which has been broken during use or left in admissible condition, are on account of the person who has used the locker last. Forgotten belongings are kept for 15 days period. Spark sport centre is not liable for belongings and valuables stolen from the lockers.


2.11.      Centre is not liable in case of loss or damage of personal belongings.


2.12.    Each visitor of Spark sport centre undertakes to use the Spark services and facilities in conformity to his/her personal health condition and physical abilities. Spark sport centre is not liable for contusions, traumas, and incidents occurred as a result from the compromised health or physical condition of the visitors.


2.13.    If visitor of Spark sport centre uses the premises, facilities and services of the sport centre in violation of these rules, Sport centre is not liable for the damages, traumas, and contusions caused.


2.14.    The liability of   Spark sport centre, except for the cases of intentional acts or gross negligence, is limited to the amount the Sport centre services paid and used by the visitor, however in any case cannot exceed the amount of the annual fees for the services, subscribed by the visitor.






3.1.      Children and youths are allowed to use the services only during the working hours.


3.2.      Children below 14 years of age can enjoy the Sport centre only under the supervision of an adult, whereas the adult is responsible to supervise them at any time.


3.3.      Children below 14 years of age are not permitted to use aerobic / fitness services, except for if they have a personal instructor or as a part of an event, organized by the Sport centre. Sport centre reserves the right to refuse access and/or take children out in case of inadmissible behavior.


3.4.      Children below 3 years of age are not allowed in the pool without parent or instructor.




4.1.      In view to be issued member card, visitors have to pay the fee according to the pricelist of the Sport centre in conformity to the booked services. Fees are fixed by the Sport centre and can be changed at any time.


4.2.      Each visitor who has purchased a membership card shall fill in, sign  and submit at the reception a form, in which he/she represents and warrants his/her consent and acceptance of the Internal rules and regulations. Management of the Sport centre reserves the right to change and modify the terms and conditions for cards issue.


4.3.      When client gives his/her consent, he/she will be issued a card, which remains property of the Sport centre and when member withdraws, he/she shall return the card to the Sport centre. Paid fees cannot be refunded.


4.4.      Membership cards are personal and cannot be transferred to thirds.


4.5.      Visitors shall produce their cards each time they enter the Sport centre at the reception or upon request by the staff of the Sport centre. Sport centre reserves its right to refuse access if card is not produced.


4.6.      If a card is lost, this shall be declared forthwith at the reception of the  Sport centre   and the administrative fees for issue of a new card amounting to BGN 5 – paid.


4.7.      Each misuse of a membership card results in forthwith termination of the member access without refunding the fees paid as at the related date.


4.8.      Sport centre provides services for payment  according to its pricelist.  Prices are fixed by the Sport centre and can be changed at any time.




4.9.      Visitors pay the fees for the related service in advance at the reception of the Sport centre in cash either through wire transfer.


4.10.    Promotional prices, terms and conditions cannot be used along with other discounts.



5.1.      Bookings have to be made for the swimming and dancing lessons; personal trainings; massages; and consulting with specialists.


5.2.      Bookings can be made by phone, online on the official web page of Spark or personally at the reception. Centre warrants solely the prepaid bookings. On the contrary, centre reserves its right to sell a booked hour.


5.3.      Booking can be cancelled up to 2 (two) hours prior to the fixed hour. On the contrary, the Sport centre reserves its right to request payment for the booking.


5.4.      Sport centre can cancel or  reject bookings in case of undertaken repair works or due to organization of an event.  In such cases visitors will be duly notified in advance.




5.5.      Clients of the Centre shall be in sportswear with comfortable, well cleaned sport shoes. Instructor in the hall shall instruct the beginners how to use the sport facilities.


5.6.      For information and elaboration of personalized sport programmes visitors of Spark have to approach the reception. Individual fitness devices cannot be booked.


5.7.      In case of hardships or ambiguities during use of the devices, visitors of Spark shall approach the fitness instructors or employee of Spark.


5.8.      Each client is entitled to use a towel, and has to place it on the devices for the training and prior sit or lie on the devices.


5.9.      Individual operation of fitness equipment is not permitted, except for use of the fitness devices.


5.10.    Guests who do not use the devices are not allowed to enter the fitness hall.  Visitors of Spark shall observe the guidelines of the fitness instructor.




5.11.    Access to the fitness and sport hall is not allowed for visitors in flip-flops, sandals, slippers or incomplete sportswear.


5.12.    Food and beverages are not allowed, except for bottled water.


Sauna and steam bath


5.12.    Visitors of the centre can enter the sauna only in swimming suit. They can seat in the sauna only on a towel.


5.13.    Use of oils, honey and creams in the sauna is forbidden. Visitors of the sauna shall take a shower prior to enter the sauna.


5.14.    Sandals and flip-flops shall be left outside the door.


5.15.    Pouring fragrances directly on the heater stones  and splashing water on walls and ceiling in the sauna is forbidden.




5.14.    Shower is mandatory prior to use of the Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi is not recommended for pregnant women and children.


5.15.    Shaving in the sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi is not allowed.


Swimming pool


5.16.    Visitors are not permitted to enter the pool without flip-flops, swimming hats and swimming suits.


5.17.    Centre is not liable for incidents with visitors, occurred as a result from wearing inappropriate shoes on the territory of the pool.


5.18.    Jumping and diving in the pool are forbidden.


5.19.    All visitors should shower before entering the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or steam bath.


5.20.    No radio and other electrical and electronic devices over 16 V can be used nearby the pool.


5.21.    Food and beverages cannot be consumed in or nearby the pool.


5.22.    Ball games are not permitted in the pool out of the hours,  designated in the schedule  for games with children and water-aerobics.






5.23.    No one can enter the pool unless a lifeguard is present.


5.24.    Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted entry to the pool.


5.25.    For babies swimming lessons and babies water-aerobics babies shall   wear   swim diapers.




5.25.    Bookings shall be made in advance at the reception or on the web page of Spark.


5.26.    Massage that has commenced with delay due to reasons out of the reasonable control of the Centre shall be terminated at the scheduled hour.


5.27.    Slippers or flip-flops have to be worn on the premises.




6.1.      With the use of a service rendered by the Sport centre, visitor represents and warrants acceptance of these Rules and regulations and confirms that has provided his/her personal data voluntary. Visitor represents and warrants his/her explicit consent Sport centre to keep, process and use his/ her personal data, including to provide them to thirds – subcontractors and agrees and authorizes the Sport centre to provide information or personal data about the visitor to its lawyers, accountants, auditors and other external consultants and  persons, rendering services to the Sport centre when this is related to the services performed by the Sport centre, as well as to protection and/or defense of the rights, property and personal safety of the Sport centre or its visitors, etc.


6.2.      If client has objections to performance of a service, he/she can file a written  claim to the manager of the Sport centre, who will  consider the claims and reply within 7-day period as of the claim filing. Decision of the manager is final.


6.3.      Within the framework of these rules, Sport centre is entitled to change the pricelist unilaterally, notifying the clients by the means of notices in the Sport centre and posting the changes on the web page of the centre.


6.4.      Centre reserves its right to supplement these rules at any time without individual notification to the members.