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Dear parents and attendants,


Please have in mind the following rules and conditions regarding the kids’ swimming lessons and safety.

Your presence at the swimming pool is regulated by the swimming coach. It is his decision whether you should log on and watch the activities or leave the pool in order to ensure a smooth learning process. Accumulation of a large number of parents during the swimming lessons is not advisable.

Please do not give additional instructions to your children while they are swimming, if you are not asked to do so by the coach. 

The swimming lesson’s duration is between 30 and 50 minutes depending on age, physical condition and the skills of the child. All kids must leave the pool immediately after the swimming lesson, as instructed by the coach and get into the pool after instructions from the coach, but never alone.

The Waiting area is at the reception, not the swimming pool area.

Please, keep silence in the relaxation area and around the pool.

All kids under the age of 7 should use the Kids’ Locker Room. All kids above 7 years of age should use the appropriate gender locker room and are not allowed to use the opposite gender locker rooms, unless they are with special needs.



SPARK Club Management