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Swimming for children

In SPARK Sport & Social Club we pay special attention to our little friends. Every day of the week we offer swimming groups for children.
Periodically we conduct open swimming classes for parents during which children show their parents their progress in the pool.

Swimming groups are divided by age and level of advancement.

Children who have not attended swimming groups have to take individual lessons with an instructor until the swimming level allows them to swim in a group. The instructor determines when your child can start to swim in a group.

Children who have swum before, but visit the SPARK's pool for the first time have to go through a lesson to determine their level.

The training program passes through five stages - starfish, Nemo fish, dolphin, shark and swordfish


  • Breath holding for 5 sec.
  • Making a star
  • Swimming one length crawl/back stroke kicks
  • Jump from edge of the pool (sitting position)
  • Diving for an object at 0.50 m depth

Nemo fish

  • Making a mushroom
  • Swimming one length crawl
  • Swimming one length backstroke
  • Swimming one length breaststroke – kicks
  • Swimming one length butterfly – kicks
  • Standing jump in the pool and swimming 5 m
  • Diving for object at 1.20 m depth


  • Swimming two lengths crawl, backstroke, breaststroke
  • Swimming one length crawl, backstroke, breaststroke hands
  • Studying on hands butterfly
  • Simple turn
  • Diving at 1.50 m


  • 10 lengths freestyle and backstroke with somersaults

  • 4 lengths medley swimming

  • Diving and swimming 10 m. under the water

  • Start with underwater swimming



  • 16 lengths freestyle and 16 lengths backstroke with somersaults

  • 12 lengths medley swimming

  • Diving and swimming 15 m. under the water

  • 50 m. for time – 38 sec.