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Swimming Pool & SPA


The water in the pool at SPARK Sport & Social Club is purified using sea salt that extracts the natural chlorine and thus makes it safe for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin.

The pool size is 16 m / 10 m and its depth varies from 0.5mto 2 m. It is divided into 4 lanes, with temperature of water 27 – 29 ° C.

There is a shallow lane and various accessories for swimming. Swimming instructors have graduated the National Sports Academy and experienced in teaching children and adults.

We believe that it is important to for children to participate in sports activity from an early age. Therefore, we pay special attention to the children by offering daily swimming classes.

Parents are kept informed about the children’s swimming skills, thanks to the Spark swimming program for teaching children.

Occasionally, we hold open lessons, during which children demonstrate their progress in swimming.




Using SPARK Sport & Social Club’s spa facilities will help you to relieve and recover from daily stress and tension.

We offer a range of facilities such as:

• steam bath, heated seats and flavors
• sauna
• jacuzzi
• contrast shower

Using the sauna is beneficial   for the heart. The temperature in the the steam is about 45 ° C at a humidity close to 100% - the best conditions for stress relief and recovery.